Simply by speaking and listening through your CommBadge, while leaving your phone in a pocket, purse or backpack, you can:

  • Place and answer calls ears-free
  • Send and receive text messages (“text-to-speech” through CommBadge)Place and answer calls ears-free
  • Use your phone's native voice commands, such as Siri and Google Now to set calendar events, timers and reminders, get sports news, and search for information.
  • Receive an alert from the Wireless Tether feature that you left your smartphone behind
  • Be notified of incoming calls, texts, calendar and social media events with customizable vibration, sound, and LED's
  • And more, all handsfree!
  • Technology has finally caught up with the science fiction that was first imagined by 'Gene Roddenberry in Star Trek - The Next Generation'. Finally, there is a real CommBadge, it's a miniature speakerphone with big sound.