However, holding your phone while busy at work or doing household chores is a pain. For many situations using a speakerphone is a better solution, and the only way to truly multitask. For example, cooking, walking the two dogs, home projects, and the list goes on.

So I started thinking. Why can’t I just wear a speakerphone? I did some online research and I couldn’t find anything! Then, about a year ago I started prototyping and experimenting with placement and functionality. The more I tested it in various environments, some being very noisy, the more I was blown away. Why hasn’t anyone done this I thought? So I formed a team of five to build a real CommBadge.

With today’s noise canceling technology wearing a speakerphone totally makes sense. It’s super convenient and really great with Siri too. Put your iPhone away, and you can still access Siri from a distance of up to 30 meters!

Furthermore, most people are required to wear an identification badge while at work. A lot of people use badge reels for their access convenience. That’s how the CommBadge came to life, combining an ID badge reel and a tiny speakerphone. It’s always with you, and great for lunch breaks, etc. After work, simply remove your ID badge and it becomes your personal assistant.

The uses are truly limitless; and you’ll be hands-free in your car if your car is not Bluetooth equipped. Once you start using it you’ll never go back to a Bluetooth headset. Science Fiction has now become a reality!

--Charles, Founder and CEO of CommBadge Technologies, LLC

  • Technology has finally caught up with the science fiction that was first imagined by 'Gene Roddenberry in Star Trek - The Next Generation'. Finally, there is a real CommBadge, it's a miniature speakerphone with big sound.