What is CommBadge?

CommBadge is a next generation Bluetooth wireless speakerphone that is wearable. CommBadge is not a traditional Bluetooth headset!!! CommBadge attaches to your clothing quickly and securely. Additionally, CommBadge combines the ID badge reel you may currently be required to wear by your employer with a handsfree speakerphone.

Can I use Siri?

Yes, Siri works better with CommBadge! Access Siri handsfree around the house while your iPhone is in it's charger!

What about iOS 6 and iPhone 5?

No problem, CommBadge was designed to work seamlessly with IOS 6. ALL iPhone's with IOS 4.0 and later will work with CommBadge.

How do I wear CommBadge?

CommBadge is a 39 mm diameter module that is less than 14 mm thick (before speaker dome)! It will come complete with everything you need for handsfree communication with your smartphone. Wear it attached to your clothing anywhere on your upper body, or hang it from a lanyard.

Can I run and jog with CommBadge?

Yes, the clip has a secondary locking mechanism that will more than support the weight of the CommBadge without slipping or detaching.

How do I wear CommBadge with my corporate ID Badge?

The same way!!! It will clip to your shirt pocket, collar, or lanyard just like your old ID badge reel.

How much weight does it add to my ID badge reel?

CommBadge's components add less than two grams, so the weight difference is negligible.

What if I don't need an ID badge holder or reel?

Great, just purchase the CommBadge, it's a sleek minimalist design that's 5 mm thinner than the badge reel model.

Can the "gray" securing clasp be removed?

Yes, if you want to install a magnet from the MagPack, just unscrew and remove the clasp with a small phillips screwdriver.

What is Bluetooth Smart?

Bluetooth Smart also known as 4.0, enables devices to be continuously connected but with extremely low battery drain. CommBadge will last about a full day on a single charge with average use. Stand-by time is even longer.

How do I charge it?

Use the included micro-USB cable to connect to USB or a power supply

How do I pair it to my iPhone or Android smartphone?

Just like any late model Bluetooth headset. It takes less than a minute. You only have to do this once.

What if I forget to take my smartphone with me while I’m wearing my CommBadge?

CommBadge will alert you when you get a predetermined distance from your smartphone. You can adjust the range, warning tone, and vibration settings in the FREE to download iPhone and Android app.

Will my iPhone or Android phone detect if I forget to take my CommBadge with me?

Yes, the CommBadge app works with iPhone and Android Notifications and will alert you when you get beyond thepredetermined distance away from the CommBadge.

Where do I find the app?

You can download it for free from the App Store or Google Play directly on your phone (coming soon).

  • Technology has finally caught up with the science fiction that was first imagined by 'Gene Roddenberry in Star Trek - The Next Generation'. Finally, there is a real CommBadge, it's a miniature speakerphone with big sound.